[Treasuror] [Monthly Report]

Reuben Staley



I, having been authorized to do so as Treasuror of Agora Nomic and being
required to do so in the first Eastman week of each Agoran month, and
being authorized to do so afterward in the event of errors in
calculation, hereby flip the Total Buoyancy to be equal to the following
sum, the amount of coins possessed by all entities at the end of the
first Eastman week of March 2021:


The Unit of Flotation is one twenty-five hundredth part of said sum,
unrounded. This is equal to the following quotient:



1 boatloads = 9 assets
2 boatloads = 17 assets
3 boatloads = 26 assets
4 boatloads = 34 assets
5 boatloads = 42 assets
6 boatloads = 51 assets
7 boatloads = 59 assets
8 boatloads = 67 assets
9 boatloads = 76 assets
10 boatloads = 84 assets
11 boatloads = 92 assets
12 boatloads = 101 assets
13 boatloads = 109 assets
14 boatloads = 117 assets
15 boatloads = 126 assets
16 boatloads = 134 assets
17 boatloads = 142 assets
18 boatloads = 151 assets
19 boatloads = 159 assets
20 boatloads = 168 assets
21 boatloads = 176 assets
22 boatloads = 184 assets
23 boatloads = 193 assets
24 boatloads = 201 assets
25 boatloads = 209 assets


Rule 2649/0 (Power=1)
Vocal Voter Verification Award

The sole player, if any, who had the highest voting strength among
all votes cast on all decisions resolved in the last 7 days CAN
once grant emself 59 coins by announcement, provided that no
referenda initiated in the same message as it remain unresolved.


Rule 2631/2 (Power=1.0)

Donation Level is a natural switch for contracts, tracked by the
Notary, with a default of 0 and a maximum of 25. A contract with
nonzero donation level is called a Charity.

The Notary CAN flip a contract's donation level to a non-default
value with 3 Agoran consent. This SHOULD only be done if the
contract's provisions ensure that its funds received from Agora
will be used solely for the betterment of Agora. Any player CAN
flip a contract's donation level to 0 with Agoran consent.

Whenever a payday occurs, half of each charity's coin holdings
(rounded down) are destroyed, and then each charity gains a number
of coins equal to its donation level times 8.3508.

Rule 2496/23 (Power=1)

Each time a player fulfills a reward condition, the officer
associated with the condition CAN once by announcement, and SHALL
in an officially timely fashion, grant the associated set of
assets to the player.

Below is a list of reward conditions and their associated assets
and officers.

* Being the author of an adopted sponsored proposal: a number of
coins equal to (the total number of valid ballots cast FOR the
decision - the total number of valid ballots cast AGAINST) times
8.3508 (Assessor).

* Judging a CFJ that e was assigned to without violating a time
limit to do so, unless at the time of judgement the case was
open due to self-filing a motion to reconsider it: 42 coins

* Publishing an office's weekly or monthly report, provided that
publication was the first report published for that office in
the relevant time period (week or month respectively) to fulfill
an official weekly or monthly duty: 42 coins times the
complexity of the office (ADoP).

* Resolving a referendum, provided that no other referendum had
been resolved earlier in that Agoran week: 42 coins times the
Assessor's complexity (ADoP).

* Having a Thesis pass peer-review and be granted a Degree based
on its merit: 168 coins (Herald)

Rule 2559/9 (Power=2)

Whenever a Payday occurs, each active player gains 84 coins.

The occurrence of Paydays is secured. At the beginning of each
month, a Payday occurs.

Rule 2624/5 (Power=1.0)
Card Administration

Each of the following Ministries has a Grant, listed below.

Ministry of Compliance: 1 Justice Card
Ministry of Legislation: 1 Legislative Card
Ministry of Participation: 1 Voting Card
Ministry of Economy: 418 coins divided by X, rounded up; where X
is the number of players with their Ministry Focus set to Economy.
The Ministor SHALL report this value in a timely manner after the
beginning of the month.

A player CAN once a month grant eir Ministry Focus' Grant to a
specified player by announcement.

The Ministor CAN, once a month and by announcement, and SHALL, in
a timely manner from the beginning of the month, grant 1 Victory
Card to a random player whose Ministry Focus is Legacy and 1
Victory Point to every other player whose Ministry Focus is

Rule 2499/13 (Power=1)
Welcome Packages

If a player has not received a Welcome Package since e most
recently registered, any player CAN cause em to receive one by

When a player receives a Welcome Package, e gains 84
coins and one of each type of Card defined in the rules, unless e,
or any person of whom e was a part or who was a part of em has
received a welcome package in the last 30 days.

Rule 2585/6 (Power=1)
Birthday Gifts

It is considered to be a player's Agoran Birthday on the
anniversary of the day e first registered. If the day a player
first registered is unknown, that player CAN, with Agoran consent,
declare a day to be eir Agoran Birthday. As long as the day a
player first registered remains unknown, it is considered to be
eir Agoran Birthday on the anniversary of the day e most recently
declared as eir Agoran Birthday.

During a player's Agoran Birthday and the 7 days following, each
other player CAN once grant em X coins by announcement, where X is
26 if it is actually the day of the player's birthday, and 17

Players are ENCOURAGED to announce their Agoran Birthdays.

Rule 2645/3 (Power=2)
The Stones

The following stones are defined, one per paragraph, with the
following format: Stone Name (Frequency, Escape Risk): Scroll.

- Power Stone (weekly, 40%): A specified player hereby Buys
Strength 3 times.

- Wealth Stone (weekly, 50%): A specified player hereby gains 42

- Soul Stone (weekly, 50%): The Soul Stone is hereby transferred
to the owner of a different specified non-immune stone, then
that stone is transferred to the wielder.

- Sabotage Stone (weekly, 80%): The adoption index of a specified
AI-majority Agoran decision is hereby increased by 1.

- Concentration Stone (monthly, 60%): A specified player gains the
Grant associated with eir Focus.

- Protection Stone (monthly, 70%): A specified stone is granted

Rule 2602/6 (Power=1)

For each type of Ribbon, there is a type of Glitter with the same
name. An attempt to award Glitter is INEFFECTIVE if the type of
Glitter is not specified.

Each time a player is awarded a type of Glitter, the Tailor CAN
once by announcement, and SHALL in an officially timely fashion,
grant the player 8.3508(N+1) coins, where N is the number of
players who did not own the corresponding type of Ribbon at the
time of the award. The amount payable for each type of glitter is
tracked in the Tailor's weekly report.


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I hereby
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don't... trust... the dragon...
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