Re: Buying a Legislative Card [attn. Treasuror]

Reuben Staley

On 3/9/21 4:45 PM, Aris Merchant wrote:
I gain the following promise and transfer it to the Library.
If I am the bearer of this promise, I may cash this promise at any
time and it has no effect.
Otherwise, the bearer can cash this promise if e has transferred a
legislative card to me in the same message.
I give the bearer 200 coins.
I gain one legislative card pursuant to my focus in Legislation.

I transfer one legislative card to Aris and then, if that was successful, cash the above promise.


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I’m always happy to become a party to contracts.
transfer Jason one coin
nch was here
I hereby
don't... trust... the dragon...
don't... trust... the dragon...
Do not Construe Jason's message with subject TRIGON as extending this

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